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"My vision is to promote
Zest Life strategies that
enrich our lives with
optimum health, energy,
vitality and enthusiasm.



zestlife foundation

To create an ongoing annual project to assist children in dire personal need. A hands-on team project that allows us to fundraise, plan, implement and complete a specific targeted annual goal. As a first project in 2008, we would like to help an orphanage for children affected by AIDS.

ZestLife Foundation: Children's International Humanitarian Aid

To create a Foundation with volunteer contributions. We need to set up the foundation and then create a template for our project criteria and fundraising efforts. Sponsors, donors, and fundraising events will create the funds for the foundation. Project identification via informal inquiry and then by in-person investigation.

Diverse, caring people who want to make a difference through service. We need to bring together a small group of committed action orientated volunteers. We require legal, office, accounting, logistics, medical, volunteer and fundraising help. read more

A Better Way with Zestlife Strategies
Contact: zlf@zestlife.ca


J.D. Ramsay

J.D. Ramsay graduated from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia majoring in education. Following University he began his career working in non-profit social services. His background includes recreational and work therapy for mentally handicapped youths and adults and community recreational services for the handicapped. Later, as a business information officer, he realized that he held a passion for all things business. He formed his own company and joined forces with an experienced international business partner. Together they created an international trading company exporting Canadian manufactured goods to the Caribbean.

J.D. has enjoyed a love for sports and outdoor activities his whole life. As a competitive badminton player he was captain of his High School, University and regional Division One team, leading them to their only Division One team championship. J.D.’s recreational pursuits have included hiking and ocean kayaking adventures all along the western coast of British Columbia with close encounters of all kinds.

His passion for travel has led him to hike amazing 2000 year old pilgrimage routes in central Turkey, the Great Walk overlooking the wild Tasman Sea on Stewart Island, New Zealand and in deepest Tuscany.

As a businessman, J.D. found less and less time for regular exercise. His nutritional supplements, while entertaining out of town business people, consisted mainly of expensive red wines. After a decade of work and entertaining he found himself sixty pounds overweight and out of shape. His black belt conditioning in martial arts was but a faint memory.

The decision to regain a healthy balance led him on a path of personal self discovery. He wanted to know how we can maintain our fitness and our health and our jobs. After researching many diet and fitness books and methods, he began the climb back to optimum health.

The results of his personal discoveries have become his Zest Life strategies.

Contact JD: zlf@zestlife.ca


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The Power of Resonance.
Achieving Resonance in our lives is one of the most powerful things we can accomplish for our emotional and physical health well being. We literally create who ‘we really are’ when we become resonant with our goals, hopes and experiences. Resonance: a ZestLife strategy

ZestLife Foundation: Children's International Humanitarian Aid

ZestLife Blog.
Watch our Blog for the latest insights into ZestLife Strategies. We will be maintaining an active search for new and exciting ways to create a happier and more zestful lifestyle. The blog will contain insights from J.D. as well as comments from the work of the world’s foremost authors, researchers and health experts. ZestLife Blog

Zest Lifestyle
Say ‘Yes’ to all the wonderful possibilities within your life. Zest Lifestyle suggests that we embrace new opportunities, places, people and adventure. Zest Lifestyles

exercise for a healthy lifestyle

Zest Health
We have all heard that Vitamin C is very good for our immunity. Are vitamins the only way we can ensure a better immune response from our bodies? Most of us know very little about one of our most important systems in our bodies. Keeping iour immune response healthy should be a key goal for all of us. Did you know that one key way to improve your immune response is through a simple physical exercise? Zest Health

Zest Fitness
The secrets to successful fitness training from the experts. Zest Fitness

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